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It’s My Birthday! 5/11/91-19

It’s been 28 years now that you’ve been alive. Its been a long bumpy road. We’ve had some ups and unfortunately quite a few downs. 👌

Throughout those years you’ve learned about yourself and who you really are. It took you some time to understand yourself but eventually you accepted that person wholeheartedly. ❤️

And now, there is nothing but self-love and understanding. Sure, you might still be hella insecure. But you know who you truly are, and that’s the most important thing. ☺️

Now, you know that you are a little bit weird, but that’s ok. You are are extremely little short, but that’s ok too. You are flawed and have baggage. But that’s ok. You are a little bit behind compared to some others regarding your professiona life, but that’s ok. You are also very much alone sometimes, and that’s ok. You’re a little bit all over the place sometimes and over think everything but that’s okay!

Due to some past mistakes, you cannot really have what people would call a “real job” or a “lot of money”. But that’s ok. Why?! Because you have dreams that are sometimes bigger than this universe, and visions and passion towards things that it rare to find in people. You have the strength and endurance and the intelligence to overcome any battle faced.

Everything is ok.

Because even though you’re a little bit weird, scatter- brained, flawed, behind and broken, you manage to put a smile on your own face and also on the faces of others. And that’s a miracle in itself!

You might be a little bit short but at least you’ve got a heart twice the size. And that’s what counts. You might have some flaws here and there that keep you up at night just wondering and worrying. But you also know that perfection doesn’t exist and you’re ok with that.

You want to do anything and everything to learn and grow. But if there’s something that I’ve learned from you is that “you can do what you put your mind to”. Be persistent and patient. But most of all stay humble and true to you!

Just look at all the different things that you’ve mastered or are still mastering. Remember when you said that you couldn’t make it if you didn’t have money? Or a job? Or freedom? Or a cigarette?! Lol.

Now look at all of the accomplishments you have done, and even during the most heart wrenching, mind numbing, painful and stressful time in your life. Don’t think because you are not what others expect or want, you have over come things that would destroy others. You have gone to hell and back and managed to crawl out of the most helpless situations. especially, these past few years. You’ve come a long way from your closed minded and selfish jessica five years ago. And it figures. Cuz you’re amazing! And I’m proud of you!

Dreams, you have an awful lot of them. Which is weird considering most are nightmares when sleeping. That’s because your dreams are to be envisioned and seen when you’re awake. You’re still not living the dream per say but your dreams are on their way to reality. They are going to come true, eventually. And that is because you are a strong woman. You have the ability to keep going even if you’re walking through hell. You’re resilient, you’re persistent, you’re ambitious, you’re smart, you’re strong, you’re determined and most of all you’re very capable of making all of your dreams come true. That much is true. And I believe in you!

So who cares if you don’t have a “normal job” or a job that society would much prefer you have? You’re not here to be “normal” or to be/do what society tells you to be/do. You’re creating your own path and living YOUR life and that’s what’s important. If you told 9-year-old Jessica that you’d be here today saying all those words to yourself, she wouldn’t believe you. So thank you for becoming someone that she could look up to. Someone she could look forward to become. It is definitely hard for her back in 2015 but deep down she knows that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Even 28 year-old Jessica is going through a tunnel as we speak but you’re closer to the other side than you’d think.

Chin up baby girl! You’ve still got a long way to go. But right now I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. You’ve become someone that I never knew you could be. Maybe deep down you knew who you were meant to be and I thank you for listening to what was deep down inside of you. Thank you for becoming the person you were meant to be and not what society wanted you to be. Thank you for not letting others decide who you should be, what you should do, how you should look land who you should love. Thank you for being your own person. And also thank you for the love and acceptance that you give to others. Thank you for loving their differences. And thank you for trying to show not only to yourself but to others how to be a human being full of light, love and understanding.

I wish you a very happy birthday and a happy life! I know that you’re going to do some great things in life! You still have a lot to learn but the journey ahead looks quite exciting! Also don’t procrastinate and don’t hate yourself too much. It’s not going to get you anywhere! Please and thank you!

Love always,

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