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I’ve been using the Shopkick app and love it – you will too 😀 We’ll both get points toward a free gift card when you try it. Use code BEST803330 or download

So, I just started to use ShopKick cuz I finally found the benefits of using it. I never had the time to really look in to it but damn. It’s awesome! You can cash out your earnings via Gift Cards or PayPal

There are 8 ways you can earn with ShopKick

Walk In To Stores – Your app will detect when you’re near a store so when you enter the store or are near it, you earn kicks that way

Scan barcodes – there are certain products that ShopKick has available to scan, while you’re inside the store, to earn kicks that way. You don’t even have to buy the product, however if you do, that’s extra kicks!

Link your cards – any cards you use when shopping will automatically earn you kicks

Purchase and Submit Receipts – just like all other cash back apps, you can take a pic of your receipt, submit it, and earn kicks that way as well.

Visit online stores- basically working the same way it does when you visit a store, visit for a shopping site through the apps portal will be detected and earn you some kicks.

View online products – yea, just viewing the products or watching short clips or ads will earn you kicks too!

Make online purchases – obviously if you visit an online store, shopping through it and purchasing the product will be detected and earn you some kicks!

And ShopKick also provides learning videos and ads for products and you can watch those videos to earn kicks.

1300 Kicks will earn you $5 that you can redeem through paypal or for 1250 kicks, you can redeem a gift card. I always use PayPal tbh, so I have to get a few more kicks but you don’t have to! There are many gift cards to choose from that I’m sure you’ll absolutely love!

You can Join ShopKick Today , for free of course, and Earn 250 kicks right away. And like all the other apps I talk about, they also have a refer a friend program and you get 250/ referral! It really does add up!

Shopkick is just one of the MANY free apps that you can use to earn some awesome cash back and rewards just for doing your weekly/monthly shopping trips! Just make sure your apps is on, don’t forget to scan some barcodes and make sure you upload your receipts to maximize your cash back rewards! #HappyEarnings!

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