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Sweat Coin – Get Paid To Walk

Check out this free app! It pays to walk!

Have you heard of Sweat Coin? It’s a sweet app that literally pays you to walk. But in reality it pays you to keep your motion detector on. I don’t exercise…. like at all! 😂😂 believe me I know I should I don’t need any lectures! 😉

But Sweat Coin works in the back ground while I am at work or walking at the park or cleaning around the house. If my phone is on me, it will detect my steps. Obviously working much like a pedometer.

My Personal Account Earnings

Now it doesn’t pay you cash which is fine by me because it does allow you to purchase some pretty awesome prizes or gift cards with your Sweat Coin

Now not does it pay you $5 to join, but it also has a Refer a Friend program where you can earn unlimited sweat coins for sharing with you friends. The app is completely free and totally awesome so Join Today to get your free Sweat Coins and also feel free to check out the other apps I have found that pay you to walk!

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