Card.Com – PrePaid Debit And Checking Accounts

Okay, so you’ve heard of pre paid cards, more likely than not, you may actually have one yourself! Well, I got myself in a financial pickle years back, and it was extremely hard for me to get a bank; obviously leading me in to prepaid accounts. And holy crap there are a lot. And some of them charge outrageous amounts of fees! GreenDot?! No thank you! Way too expensive. (I was actually negative $200 for monthly fees never paid, and I never even knew I had the damn thing).

Anyway, Card.Com was something stumbled upon one day just based off of the design of the card I saw in an ad or something. It featured Betty Boop and I fell in love haha.

Cool thing is, from what I can tell you can get unlimited card designs hooked to your account and no cost to you. And you can choose if u want to pay a monthly fee or per transaction. Now I choose each transaction because I use these pre paid cards now, for the soul purpose of referring others; helping those that can’t get a traditional checking or simply don’t want one.

Each referral is $30! How cool is that? All they have to do is deposit at least $50 and your free money will be deposited as soon as funds are verified. Which is quick.

Get started here and redeem your first bonus! Once you get just one referral, you’ll see how easy it and the potential of some pretty nice cash that you wouldn’t have had before…just sayin! Nothing better than finding awesome ways to earn more, spend less and maximize your rewards! No reason to throw away money or pay full price for anything! Stick with me, follow my blogs and sites and you won’t even have to do any work, I’ll guide you through everything.

For more ways to “Make Cents”, visit MoodyMoneyMom.Com

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