LifeCoin – Get Rewarded For Moving!

LifeCoin is one of the best apps I have found to earn some pretty awesome rewards. Once you download the app and connect it to your device, it records your steps for walking outside, gardening in your yard, hiking, jogging, just….moving!

LifeCoin converts your steps in to “LifeCoins” and you can use your LifeCoins to redeem some pretty snazzy rewards. Including, but not limited to; Macy’s Gift Cards, StubHub Gift Cards, badass wireless headphones and even an iPhone X!

Now, I throughly dislike exercising, like, at all! And I always feel like if and when I do, it’s never worth my efforts, but now, with LifeCoin and a few other apps, I’m getting some of the coolest rewards and all I have to do is let this run in the background of my phone. I didn’t even realize how much I actually DO exercise! Who would have guessed I walk an average of 4 miles/day!

My Earnings So Far

Join me on LifeCoin and get #rewards for walking, running, cleaning, gardening or just moving! Also, receive your first $5 on me! 🤷‍♀️🤪👇🏃‍♀️

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