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💜Flamingo App💜- Share And Slash For FREE Items Shipped To You! – No CC Required?!

Sooooo…. there are a lot of apps out there right now that are allowing you to share products, and get them for free, if you can get enough people to “cut prices” for you! I have gotten a few free items shipped to me with other sites or apps I’ve used in the past. And I’ve been hesitant to use flamingo because honestly, it’s cool to get free stuff, but only half of the things are actually quality products; I assume it was just another one of those apps. But to my surprise, I was wrong! I have received three items from Flamingo so far and now, I really want this iPhone case! So feel free to share and slash!

The Case I Want

Cool thing ?! No credit card is required. Ship to wherever you feel comfortable. Shipping does take a little while but who cares?! Get enough prices cut and u can have a free item coming to you every week! Think about that!

Not to mention, if you don’t want to share of post or slash, more power to ya! You can always visit the flamingo site and buy awesome products at even better prices! Don’t hesitate like me! Start getting things for free!

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