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Top Financial Institutions Of 2019 That Pay You To Join – Invest, Earn, Save, Redeem.

Who do you bank through? Do you have a retirement fund? Do you have access to loans when and if you need them? Are you able to get a checking account that you can actually USE, even if ChexSystems? Do you enjoy paying outrageous fees? Are you prepared for an emergency? 🤷‍♀️

If you answered no, to just ANY of those questions, then get with the times and start thinking about your future! Stop putting your money in to banks that don’t care about anything BUT money! Wouldn’t you like a bank that RETURNED your ATM withdrawal fees? What about a bank that lets your earn money for sharing? Or how about this, one that lets you have a checking account, from a real bank, not just a prepaid one, a savings account, AND an investment account, at absolutely no cost to you? Some, as little as $5 a month?! Being able to cash out when you want? Being able to reach a customer service rep 24/7?…

I’ll let you in on a little secret; About 6 years ago, I screwed up my life pretty bad. And all I’ve done since, is try to redeem myself. Work hard. Do right. Find happiness and be grateful for what I have. And a few things are very hard to obtain due to my circumstances. However, I fight. And I have been in ChexSystems for years. You can’t get payday loans because you don’t have a traditional bank, or you can’t get ANY checking account because you have defaulted on so many. You want to try and clear your name but nobody gives you information or an opportunity that is needed. You’re going in circles. You’re stuck in a high fee prepaid debit account that you can’t even use in an emergency situation. No way to over draft or borrow or opt in to OD protection🤯….. what can you do? 🤞

Last year alone, I paid $1378 in fees toward my prepaid accounts. 🤪 No thank you. 😤Now, I have discovered so many ways to make some real money for myself. And to get myself out of that hole. Kind of like rebuilding your credit, but it’s your banking history. ChexSystems is basically the credit bureau of banks! (How I think of it) 🤣

Any who, I am very much into trying new things. I try new and trending products and services all the time. 💪🏻 And pay very little or no money, and ONLY money IF I will get me a profit somehow. 🤑

So I want to share with you guys all the financial institutions that I have found to be absolutely amazing, at least for myself. I’ve also made quite a bit from them through referrals, and sign up/direct deposit bonuses.

(Pssssss…..all these banks have very high-paying referral programs)

  1. Chime – $50
  1. Affirm – varies
  2. Pei – $10
  3. Cash App – $10
  4. Cleo – $5
  5. Dobot -$5
  6. Aspiration – $50
  7. MoneyLion – $10
  8. Long Game Saving – $5
  9. Qapital – $5
  10. Varo – $100
  11. Earnin – Free Membership
  12. Dave – Pays Your Cash Advance Tip”

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