Receive $50 When You Join Chime – The “Fee-Free” Banking That Has Your Back!


Do you know how much money your bank has charged you in fees alone over this last year? Wishing you could take out an advance from time to time? Do you want a bank that will not charge you for withdrawing your own money? Would you like a bank that you can transfer money to and from, instantly? Like why on earth would it take 5-7 business days to transfer money, electronically, between your own accounts?

Chime has all those features and then some! My favorite feature is being able to send and receive money with a snap. And, I didn’t even know this until recently, but Chime reimburses you any ATM fees. I pull out money all the time and it’s, on avg, a $3.00 charge, and if you have a prepaid account like me, then it’s another $2.50! That is over ¼ of your money (if only taking out $20)! That’s insanity! Just the thought of how much traditional banks make just off of ATM fees, makes me dizzy! 20190807_102849380_iOS

 ***When did we stop bartering?!! Why was money invented? What is the original purpose of it other than power? *** (My personal questions to the world) 🤣

With Chime, you can receive your Direct Deposit up to two days early! I get paid Friday’s, and every Wednesday at 8:03PM, I receive my paycheck. Even my management team trips on it lol. Also, no fees, like ever! No monthly payment required for an account, no credit check, no minimum deposit. Its banks like this that make you wonder who the real thieves are in this country…..🙄

Some other cool features include; being able to transfer or send money to friends and yourself, the “Round Up” feature, that rounds up to the nearest dollar for every purchase. Say you are at the check stand and its $9.96. Well, that other .04c transfers in to your savings account for instant, unnoticeable savings. And your savings…yes, it earns interest! Also, you have the ability, on the user- friendly app, to be able to opt in or out of these options with just a swipe. The ability to lock your card… because…… you know you just had it, you just spent money, so it’s gotta be somewhere! You panic, cancel the card, wait a week for a new one and freak out for over theft and then it turns up under your seat… Ya, you can lock and unlock your card at will.

YOU get to decide what happens with your own money. No sitting on hold for an hour to talk to someone and give out all of your info, sometimes twice, for something as simple as a swipe. I literally am trying to come up with something negative about Chime but I can’t think of anything!

Oh wait! It would be totally cool if there were different designs or customized cards to choose from…….Yea that’s all I can think of off the top of my head right now.

Start banking with a company that is for the people, and NOT or the money. Or the competition. All these Big Corp banks that the whole world has heard of, you know the ones with client info breaches, and lawsuits galore, the ones who make 1,000’s off of you, the middle class every year, ya not those ones.

Does Bank of America reimburse your ATM fees?! Does Chase give you an advance on your direct deposit? Does Wells Fargo provide life and property investments at no additional cost to you, without penalty of withdrawal?! Chime is different cuz they are breaking the “rules” or, I like to call, “red-tape barriers” and making a positive impact on the every day lives of middle class and low class consumers.

Trendy, fair, FREE, no fees, awesome customer support, account accessibility changing abilities… waiting, no run around, no b.s. ….I mean….how can u NOT switch/join?!

It’s like when people realized that “oh shiz, Cricket IS better, if not the same as Verizon for a quarter of the price with no contact” …. it’s literally the same thing in my eyes. NOTHING you put on the Internet is any less secure as the capital one account you just invested in that breached and has all your info leaked….just sayin….don’t you think big banks use the Internet too?! They don’t have a manual filing cabinet storing all your personal info in the back of the safe somewhere, I promise you that! Common sense goes a long way, and there is not much sense in banking with traditional banks anymore.

Hey, when’s the last time you went to blockbuster to rent a VHS?! Oh, oh wait, u didn’t, cuz they don’t exist anymore! (Sometimes I’m opinionated. Don’t hate.)

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Get your FREE $50 today when you join CHIME and start banking the smart way!

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