Loss is inevitable. Life isn’t.

So my life is a roller coaster and many know that. Yet again, I am faced with so much loss.

Loss and Death….

although inevitable, it’s still as surprising and painful as if you never could imagine it happening. They say death comes in three but really it just comes and goes. We change. The earth changes. Our bodies change, our hearts change, and when our thoughts change; we forget that we don’t HAVE to change our values. Our morals.

Change can be invigorating and enticing, it can be exciting and happy and can make you forget how you got there in the first place. When you forget where your true happiness lies, that’s when u crumble.

Love……life…… They aren’t always happy, not easy. Not fun, not exciting, sometimes it can be cruel and rough and it can knock u so hard u forget how to breathe. But for all the negative aspects of life and love, there are so many other positives. We neglect to recognize genuine attributes and we take for granted the good and the pure that is in ourselves and the ones we love. We see color when we are happy but when things are hard, for some reason everything is black and white.

I love being enlightened by this world and I pray and hope many others can receive the same sense of peace I have found in knowing that everything is much deeper than it appears. Liars don’t lie because they are liars. They are labeled liars due to the action of lying, and therefore deemed that name for eternity.

When we recognize our own flaws and our own pain we have inflicted, we can then find a way to fine tune the details as to WHY we do what we do. And maybe, we can change and conquer and prosper in such a way that money could never come close to providing. Love while you can. And love with all u can.

Don’t settle for less than happiness. Even those who try to never do wrong can end up causing the most intense pain. Loss is inevitable. Through death or through distance, we cannot control it. We can, however, control the way we carry on our lives, and the way we treat other people.

Happiness begins with forgiveness and understanding. And without that, there can be no enlightenment. Love while u can. And love hard. Don’t ever waste a single second.

Time is the ultimate puppet master. Use it wisely.

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