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ReceiptPal Pays You For Your Receipts.

So Im sure you have seen I have accumulated quite a few different cashback apps.😂🤷‍♀️ Well, I'm using ReceiptPal to earn great rewards for uploading my receipts and I thought you might like to do the same.I have earned $42 from Receipt Pal and have no complaints what-so-ever. I just uploaded someone else's Shell Gas… Continue reading ReceiptPal Pays You For Your Receipts.

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You.Gov is an awesome app that pays high for the surveys that you spend your time on and I have never been disqualified! Plus find awesome deals! Sign up today and get $5

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Fun Fact Friday – Bodies Found In Benjamin Franklin’s Basement

That’s not to say there wasn’t any funny business going on. “The resurrection men could deliver bodies stolen from graveyards to the Thames wharf at the bottom of the street, while there was a weekly public execution at the gallows on the other side of the garden wall.”

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LifeCoin – Get Paid To Walk

Join me on LifeCoin and get rewards for spending time outside! Much like SweatCoin, LifeCoin is another app that allows you to earn rewards For walking! I keep my phone In my back pocket most of the day. When I allow these apps to run in the background, and connect them to my Apple… Continue reading LifeCoin – Get Paid To Walk

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I've been using the Shopkick app and love it - you will too 😀 We'll both get points toward a free gift card when you try it. Use code BEST803330 or download So, I just started to use ShopKick cuz I finally found the benefits of using it. I never had the time to… Continue reading Shopkick

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Sweat Coin – Get Paid To Walk

Check out this free app! It pays to walk! Have you heard of Sweat Coin? It's a sweet app that literally pays you to walk. But in reality it pays you to keep your motion detector on. I don't exercise.... like at all! 😂😂 believe me I know I should I don't need any lectures!… Continue reading Sweat Coin – Get Paid To Walk